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coupon max amount

Hi -
I'm trying to setup a coupon that would be a 10% off the order, but have a maximum value of $10. So if your purchase is under $100 then you get 10% off the total purchase price, if it is over $100 then you get $10 off the purchase price. Is this possible? I can't figure out how to make this work with the Discount Builder.

Thanks for your help,
  • fc_marijafc_marija FoxyCart Team
    Hi @jingari -

    I think this should get you what you need:

    -Set up the coupon with a Coupon Type of "Discount by a percentage based on the price in this category"
    -Set the "discount type" as Incremental.
    -For tier 1, use From $1 decrease by 10%
    -For tier 2, use From $101 decrease by 0%
    -Your coupon details should look like this: incremental|1-10|101-0

    Let us know if that works for you.

  • For $101 I still want there to be a discount, but it should be $10 instead of 10%, so the discount amount maxes out at $10.

    Eg, $95 would get $9.50 off, $100 would get $10 off, $101 would get $10 off, $150 would still just get $10 off even though 10% is 15.
  • I thought I could do this manually with this single|10-1.0|11-1.1|12-1.2|13-1.3|14-1.4|15-1.5|16-1.6|17-1.7|18-1.8|19-1.9|20-2.0|21-2.1|22-2.2|23-2.3|24-2.4|25-2.5|26-2.6|27-2.7|28-2.8|29-2.9|30-3.0|31-3.1|32-3.2|33-3.3|34-3.4|35-3.5|36-3.6|37-3.7|38-3.8|39-3.9|40-4.0|41-4.1|42-4.2|43-4.3|44-4.4|45-4.5|46-4.6|47-4.7|48-4.8|49-4.9|50-5.0|51-5.1|52-5.2|53-5.3|54-5.4|55-5.5|56-5.6|57-5.7|58-5.8|59-5.9|60-6.0|61-6.1|62-6.2|63-6.3|64-6.4|65-6.5|66-6.6|67-6.7|68-6.8|69-6.9|70-7.0|71-7.1|72-7.2|73-7.3|74-7.4|75-7.5|76-7.6|77-7.7|78-7.8|79-7.9|80-8.0|81-8.1|82-8.2|83-8.3|84-8.4|85-8.5|86-8.6|87-8.7|88-8.8|89-8.9|90-9.0|91-9.1|92-9.2|93-9.3|94-9.4|95-9.5|96-9.6|97-9.7|98-9.8|99-9.9|100-10 but there appears to be a maximum amount of tiers allowed.
  • fc_marijafc_marija FoxyCart Team
    The info I gave you should do that. The Incremental type will only discount up to $100 and disregard any amount above that. It doesn't remove the discount above $100, just stops it there.

    So, for a $30 order, the discount will be $3
    A $60 order, the discount will be $6
    A $100 order, the discount will be $10
    For a $300 order, the discount will be $10

  • Ah, ok, so it's the incremental vs single that I was missing. Thanks!
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