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Coupon applied Today & re-applied at Next Charge

Hey guys,

I have an coupon application issue I'm sure I'm messing up somewhere.

We have a client who is upgrading their subscription, so I removed the old subscription product and added the new one to the cart. I remove the registration fee through a coupon which brings today's order total to $0. But, then I see the coupon is applied again at their "next charge," (which I don't want it to be).

I set the uses per customer for the coupon to 1 - which I though would make it only usable to this customer once.

Link to screenshots :

Kind thanks for your help!

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Good question. While the "next charge" section is showing the coupon still including - it won't be included at the next renewal because of the single use per customer rule you've set. The issue in the display is that at the time the coupon is evaluated for the next charge, it hasn't been used at all yet, so it's technically still got a use left that could be applied next time. After that initial purchase though, it will have had it's single use applied, so it won't apply again.

    I'll create a ticket for us to look at updating how we evaluate coupons there to take into account any usage that would be caused by the current pending transaction too.
  • Awesome @fc_adam, thanks for the impressive speedy help. On the receipt will the Next Charge information pick-up on the coupon already being used once and display correctly to the customer?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    From my tests it doesn't, the receipt and email for that initial transaction will include the coupon in the next charge display still. If you view the subtoken for that subscription though, it won't include the coupon in the transaction anymore.

    That said though - should your "1 Free Registration" coupon apply to anything other than the one-off $25 registration product? If not, that it should only apply to that $25 product, you could restrict the coupon to only apply to that specific product. You can do that by either putting the $25 product in a category of it's own, or giving it a unique product code, and then limiting the coupon to either that category or code. If you do that - then the coupon definitely won't apply to the next charge, as the coupon can't apply to the subscription product.
  • Excellent! Thanks for the ideas @fc_adam!
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