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How to change the decimal (dots, commas)

Hi, on my shop iam passing a product quantity to foxycart using a js that replaces the quantity. But it seems that i can not format it to Brazilian standards.

For example, The quantity of an item should be presented as this 1.000,0000 but instead its shows like this 1000.0000 Tried to change my js but it did not worked, is that change strict?


Romero Lins

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for whispering a link for us to review it in context. If I'm understanding correctly, you're referring to the "Quantidade" attribute of the product. That's a custom attribute that you're adding as part of the add to cart - so you are in full control over how that is formatted.

    You'll need to update your add to cart to correct the formatting to appear as you want it to. Once corrected there, it should then display the same correct way in the cart as well.
  • Thanks Adam, will take a look at the code!
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