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Product Sizes -- Add to Cart Form Choices and Inventory Management

Hi All,

A fairly basic question but I couldn't find any other discussions on this particular issue. I am doing first-time development on Webflow/Foxy for a store for swimwear on Foxy v2.0. Here is a link to an example product on that site showing the size drop-down I reference below.

Current Setup: We have multiple products (bikinis, one-piece, cover-ups). They either have 3 sizes (small, medium, large) or one size. Right now, we have a parent listing for each product, with a child listing for each size (with code NAME_S, _M, _L, _OS). Inventory on parent listings is a manual summation of total inventory of all the sizes for that product. There is currently no reference to sizes or inventory of each size in the parent listing. The main collection pages are filtered to parent listings only with inventory >0.

Issue: I am having issues reconciling the child listing to add to the cart (and inventory integration to reduce) as well as add to cart form showing appropriate choices. I ideally want to both a) control inventory for the child listings (inventory field) for Webflow integration with modifier in add to cart (C+_S, _M, _L, _OS), and b) only show options in the size drop-down if that particular size is available (not 0 inventory).

Potential solution (cumbersome): Add fields to the PARENT listing (Size 1, Size 2, Size 3). List the sizes in those fields we currently have in inventory. Put in the add to cart form for the drop-down listings those three options. Problem is of course as we sell, have to remember to adjust those options in the parent listing based on what is available which sort of defeats the purpose of inventory management via integration with Webflow. Also product code with modifier (NAME_S, etc) would be hard to append (shorten Small to _S, etc), so may just have to change codes to NAME_SMALL vice NAME_S, etc?

Is there code I can embed in the BODY element of the page to eliminate choices in the drop-down for sizes that aren't currently in inventory? Or any other ideas that might work in this case?

Thank you!
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for posting and providing such a detailed overview. @fc_josh on our team is most familiar with Webflow - I'll ask him to jump in here and provide some help on ways you could approach this as soon as he's able.
  • fc_joshfc_josh FoxyCart Team
    Hi Matt.
    Thanks for getting in touch. What you're after is possible. I think it will be easier to explained via a phone/Skype call, but in a nutshell, each variant (size) needs to be a collection item. The proposed workaround is to have a Products collection and a Variants collection, tying the two together with reference fields.

    We don't have a tutorial for this yet, but we're more than happy to walk you through things. Just let us know.

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