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Help with weight calculations

ffoodsffoods Member
This is all new to me, so please bare with me.

Currently we have a webflow foxy integration. Products are stored on webflow with details such as price, net weight, gross weight etc.

Some of our products are actually multiple items eg ( 1 case --> 10 items) or (1 case --> 4 packs of 10 items)
The problem is that when shipping is calculated, the price is reflected on the case weight and not by the item weight.

Can anyone provide guidance on how to fix this issue?
I would really appreciate it.


  • ffoodsffoods Member
    Ok, I came up with a formula which I think will work.

    These are the fields which I have to work with:
    U/M = number of item (eg. 1, dozen, pack of 12, 5)
    Inner box = number per inner box (eg 1, 5, 12, 24)
    Master box = number per master box (24, 60, 144, 300)
    G/W = Gross weight (eg. 23.55, 37.93, 48.50)

    My formula is this:
    (G.W/Master box) * Inner Box

    The problem is, I don't know much about webflow or foxy, so I don't know how to inject this code into the page. Plus it would have to be some type of java or other coding.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • fc_joshfc_josh FoxyCart Team
    Hi @ffoods.
    Thank you for getting in touch. I think I just spoke with your developer about this situation last night. There may be some changes that need to be made in Webflow. I recommend we move this conversation to email to include your developer. I'll private message you.

  • ffoodsffoods Member
    Hey guys,

    Please disregard my request, I was able to solve the calculation issue.
  • fc_marijafc_marija FoxyCart Team
    @ffoods -

    Good to hear, thanks for letting us know.
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