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credit card update service to update cards on file

Hi there!

Many payment processors / card providers now offer a service to update card info automatically so that fewer payments fail. Is this something that can be added to my store with Foxycart?

For example, my payment processor (Bambora) offers this service:

Merchants can use the Card Update service to simplify processing and reduces customer follow up. It also minimizes the amount of manual updates due to lost, stolen, or expired cards.

How it works

1. On the first Monday of every month, Bambora checks all profiles in your database to catch expired cards before the next billing period.
2. When the billing date arrives, Bambora sends the customer payment data from our secure subscription billing vault to the card networks, and transactions are processed automatically.
3. If a transaction declines, the item is sent to Bambora's Card Update service, where the card number and expiry date are verified and updated if required.

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @Sparky. We definitely are planning on adding Account Updater functionality where possible. I can't promise a timeframe, but we'll be handling it for some of our larger (by usage) gateways later this year. Fwiw, Bambora's set to disallow transactions without the card security code later this year, so even though Bambora's not one of our top gateways (by usage), we'll be updating that integration. Again, no promises on timeframe, but for Bambora especially it should be later this year.
  • SparkySparky Member
    Thanks Brett - that's good to know.
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