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Customer_Company field is being filled in with odd stuff

CliffSCliffS Member
in General edited September 2018
Odd things appear in field Customer_Company

I've customized the checkout fields as:
editable cart: enabled
first name required
last name required
company: Optional
Phone Optional
Address 1 Required
Address 2 Optional
City Required
State/Prov: Default
Postal Code required
Country Required

Occasionally, I get very odd things appearing in the field Customer_Company


Where are these fields from?

Side problem -- while trying to post this question, I repeatedly saw this popup:

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @CliffS
    Weird about the error posting. We'll take a look.

    As far as weird things in the company field: Yes, we've seen that too. The cause is various browsers' autocompletion/autofill functionality, though why browsers do that we don't know. Something that shows up strangely often is a customer's birth year. Again, no idea why.

    We'd thought it was just weird customer error, but then this actually happened to me just a week or two ago. I checked Chrome's autocompletion and, sure enough, there was my birth year sitting in a "Company" field. What's especially bizarre is that I didn't have any other autofill that had my birthday at all.

    Our only assumptions at this point is that:
    a) Chrome is pretty aggressive about when and what it saves as autofill values.
    b) At some point in the past, customers have entered those values in other websites' forms.
    c) For some reason (perhaps because of (b) above), Chrome puts those values in the very clearly identified "company" field on the Foxy checkout.

    That doesn't really help fix the problem, I know. But this is something we've seen.
  • Yes, Brett! I've often seen birth years in the company field.

    I have a client filter that erases any company whose name is 4 characters long and begins with 19 or 20.

    Hmmm: Is it possible to determine the customer's browser from the Foxycart data feed?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Good question. At this time we don't include the customers useragent string, or browser details, as part of the webhooks. That is a good suggestion though - I'll ticket that on our side to consider for a future addition to our webhooks.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Looks like there's been movement on a ticket for Chrome:

    Thanks to one of our users for find that. Hopefully this'll get resolved, as it's definitely strange.
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