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How to clear customer credit card data

On the checkout page for one of our sites, under Step 5: Almost Done, there is a checkbox that the user can optionally check that says,

Save my address & payment info for next time.
Enter a password below. On your next visit you can use this password to retrieve your account information.

We have recently gotten some complaints from customers who thought this box was mandatory and checked it in order to make the purchase, or did not make the purchase because of this. Is there a way to

1. disable this checkbox from showing up in the admin, and
2. clear customer credit card numbers saved this way from FoxyCart's servers if we get requests from people to clear the information they chose to save with this checkbox?

Sorry, I know this seems more like user-error, but I do want to see if I can do what I can to respond to our customers appropriately.
  • I think the answer to #1 is probably to change the settings in the configuration under "Customize the checkout user type (account vs. guest)" to only allow guests.
  • fc_marijafc_marija FoxyCart Team
    Hi @Tony -

    You're correct – one way to handle it would be to have everyone check out as a guest using the method you described.

    If you still want customers to be able to create an account, you can change the wording of that checkbox to make it more clear that it's optional. You'd go to your language template settings here: Click the "show all details" button, then use the browser's find feature to search for "create an account:", and change the language there.

    If you choose to still allow customers to create an account, you'll want to make sure the setting in the config is set to "Allow guest and customer accounts, default to guest". This'll make the checkbox unselected by default.

    One thing to note is that if you're offering subscription products, you'll need to allow customers to create accounts.

    Although we don't currently support making changes to customer information through the Foxy admin, there are a few ways you can remove customer payment information. If you're comfortable with using APIs, you can remove a customer's payment details by sending a patch request to the default payment method for save_cc to set it to 0. More information on the API is here:

    One other way would be to change the customer's credit card number to a test number using the legacy API. You can submit the requests via curl in your computers terminal. We have some details on how to do it on our wiki here:

    You'll want to see this section: "How to change a customer's email address:" If you need to, you'll get the customer_id using the email, then change the credit card number (cc_number=4111111111111111) to have the test card attached instead of their own number.

    If you're not familiar or comfortable with either of these approaches - we can assist with making the changes for you - send us a request at with the customer's email address.
  • Thanks! I'll change the wording and get the api figured out.
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