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Seeking to Hire Developer to Set up Custom Check-out and integrate with Squarespace

I have a Squarespace webpage that I'm generally happy with, but I can't use Stripe. I'd like to build a simple checkout process in Foxycart that integrates smoothly into my current Squarespace site and keeps it easy to purchase, addresses a few inventory (5 products, no variations) and allows me to connect to my new CC processor via

I'd like to be connected with some developers who knows what they're doing and can make this go smoothly and quickly.

Can anyone suggest a programmer who they've been happy with?

Thank you!
  • fc_joshfc_josh FoxyCart Team
    Hi Sam.
    Not for sure if you got my email earlier this morning, but if you can send more info on your products/services, we can send more info on how to set things up in your Squarespace site (most likely without the help of a developer).

    Let us know if you didn't get our email and we'll send it again.

    To benefit other forum users, more info about integrating Foxy with Squarespace can be found here:

  • thanks @brett! I will ping him.
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