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Attempting to check out with $0 cart (free product) but getting #33 Credit Card Number is Req

This is for a store that was just updated to v2.0 (from v.72) and has been using Foxycart for a Free Sample program for some time.

I'm having trouble finding any mention of this in the docs or the forum, is there a hidden attribute I need to be setting?

The checkout form correctly shows that **No Payment is Needed** under step 3, but submitting the checkout kicks back error #33.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @az_dev
    Can you whisper me your store domain? There are a few things that could be causing this, so we'll figure out which it is in this case.
  • Hey @brett I sent the details through the contact form and got a helpful reply from one of your CSRs.

    The issue is in the Card Verification which is turned on, and we do want to use it. We would have to turn this feature off to process the $0 trans.

    (Helptext of card verification:
    Enable this option to verify a customers card is valid, even for $0 transactions. If set to “Enabled, automatically”, the customers card will be verified for any $0 purchases, but anything above $0 will process normally. If set to “Enabled, always and only verify”, all transactions will only be verified, no authorization or capture will take place. )

    The reason we are routing this request through Foxy is that for some requests on this order form, there is a shipping charge. But for US based requests the cost is $0 and the error occurs.

    Also now I see the Whisper checkbox - I will post the info here as well
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