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How can I display strikethrough text on a dropdown form field menu item?

synchronicitysynchronicity Member
in General edited September 2019
The following code(s) doesn't seem to work:
style="text-decoration: line-through;"
Here's some of the html:
<form class="foxycart" action="" enctype="application/x-www-form-urlencoded" method="post">Select colour:
<select name="colour">
<option style="background-color: #000000; color: #ffffff;" value="black">Jet Black</option>
<option style="background-color: #222222; color: #ffffff;" disabled="disabled" value="charcoal">Charcoal</option>
<option style="background-color: #f5f5f5; color: #444444;" selected="selected" value="clear">Transparent</option>
<option style="background-color: #f8f8ff;" value="white">Bone White</option>
<option style="background-color: #ff3333;" value="salmon">Salmon Red</option>
<option style="background-color: #f87431;" value="orange">Orange</option>
<option style="background-color: #fdd017;" value="yellow">Yellow TDF</option>
<option style="background-color: #8afb17;" value="green">Chartreuse</option>
<option style="background-color: #5cb3ff;" value="blue">Sky Blue</option>
<option style="background-color: #0066cc;" value="gios blue">Gios Blue</option>
<option style="background-color: #8467d7;" value="purple">Purple Craze</option>
<option style="background-color: #dc143c;" value="crimson">Crimson</option>
<option style="background-color: #d2b48c;" value="brown">Tan</option>
<option style="background-color: #c0c0c0;" value="grey">Shark Grey</option>
<option style="background-color: #f660ab;" value="hot pink">Hot Pink</option>
<option style="background-color: #00ff00;" disabled="disabled" value="neon green">Neon Green</option>
<option style="background-color: #e0ffff;" disabled="disabled" value="glow in the dark">Glow in the Dark</option>
I 'd like to be able to strikeout the options that are disabled.
is there an easy way for me to hide those particular colour options that are disabled (without deleting them entirely)?

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