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Edit user account?

Is there any way to edit a user account? I have a user that isn't able to check out because the saved login is wrong, and password resetting isn't working (possibly due to browser autofill).

I'd like to just delete their saved login -- or just change the email address on it -- so that they could check out as a guest (which isn't possible at the moment). There used to be an example user edit script, but I think that it broke in some of your API updates.

This seems like a _really basic_ thing to do so that a customer can check out. It should not require me to write a custom application to interface with the API.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for posting to ask, and I'm sorry to hear your customer is having trouble being able to log in to their account.

    If the aim is to allow the customer to checkout as a guest, there is an option on the checkout for them to do that, even if they have an existing account. After entering their email, if it's known the password field will be shown. Below that is a link for the customer to "Skip & Checkout as a Guest". Clicking that will hide the password field and allow the customer to proceed as a guest for the transaction.

    If you did want to modify the customer, for now that does require using the API do complete it. We'll be implementing customer management features as part of our upcoming administration rebuild, but obviously that doesn't help you with this request. If you'd like us to assist with making the change, if you reach out to our helpdesk with details, we can help with that.

    For the example with the API you're referring to, that may be the cURL example on the bottom of our API page on the wiki: - if so, that example is still valid, and could be a quick way to make the change if you're handy with the terminal. Worth noting that will mean the customer would lose any association of their previous transactions with their new account if you change the email and they create a new account.

    I hope that helps! Let us know if we can help any further here.
  • I ran into this issue a couple days ago and the "Skip & Checkout as a Guest" option did not display, I think because it was for a subscription product. An account is required for a subscription purchase and the customer had created an account with that email a couple years ago. We worked it out and it's ok but this is a case where, even with that option enabled, it didn't display.

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for posting. That is correct - if there is a subscription in the cart then checking out as a guest isn't possible, an account is required in that situation so that we can continue to charge them at the respective frequency.
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