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JS method to close foxybox? (opposite of fc_show())

steeeeephensteeeeephen Member
in Help edited November 2007
Is there one? Or a few lines of JS that would accomplish the same?
  • Also, is there a method to check if the foxy box is currently open?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    fc_remove() should do the trick.

    To check if it's currently open... interesting one... I don't think there's anything there currently, but if you do a simple query for #fc_window, that should do it. Or you could set a variable with fc_PreProcess and unset it with fc_BuildFoxyCart.

    PS: I think we'll be changing those function names in the next version to be more consistent with our naming conventions (and consistent with each other). Would you hate us for that?
  • Not at all (thanks to my good friends search and replace). Im constantly renaming vars as my naming conventions grow and expand, because when Im initially coding, Im horrible at using good names....
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    fc_BuildFoxyCart started out as a proof of concept and never really "grew up"... we're getting there though. :)

    The nice thing about how we version things is that we work really hard to never "break" your store when a new FoxyCart version comes out. That's something we're pretty proud of having experienced the opposite results with many other systems we've used.
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