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datafeed failing causing subscriptions to fail

gl330kgl330k Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited April 2009
Hey guys,

Brett asked me to start another thread on this.

* our datafeed failed on Tuesday (4/14) of this week. This was the first time we were aware of a problem. I assumed it was related to the overall problems the foxycart stores were having. So I re-enabled the datafeed. However over the next two days I found that each morning (after turning the datafeed back on the night before) we'd already gotten the error that the datafeed was shut down.
* We didn't change anything (that I can think of) in the site or in foxycart settings that would have caused the datafeed to fail. That's why I wondered if it was something on your end.
* The store has been 0.4.0 since it was started in Dec 2008.
* The datafeed is 0.7
* Here's our test script -
* We're using MODx and the subscription manager snippet/plugin

0.1.0 beta

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. The customer is really wanting to get some answers.

  • Do you guys have any ideas on this one?

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi gl330k.
    It _might_ be something _in_ the transaction that's causing problems, like an character that's invalid for your script or something. Here's what I would do:
    -- Get the "write to file" script.
    -- Use the "post" script to send a test post to make sure your "write to file" script is configured correctly.
    -- Once you've confirmed the "write to file" is working, set FoxyCart to send the XML to _that_ URL instead of your normal datafeed processor URL.

    That'll give you all the XML that you're dealing with. At that point:
    -- Copy <transaction> nodes one at a time from the new "write to file" dump into your "post" script, but change your post script to post to your actual datafeed processor URL.
    -- See which one is causing the error.

    If you're _still_ not seeing an error... let us know. Actually, let us know either way. While I don't think our datafeed processor is broken it is possible your store has encountered an issue that we haven't seen before.

    Sorry to add more work onto your plate, but short of identifying exactly which transaction is causing problems (and what problems are caused) we can't do much but speculate.
  • Hey Brett,

    It looks the the problem is order# 253535. The customer ordered nothing for an amount of $0.00 and that's causing the datafeed to crash in the processing script. Is there a way to remove that order # from our datafeed?

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Well, if you've already grabbed that XML using the test script then all those transactions are set to "fed", and you shouldn't have to worry about it.

    I think the underlying issue though is that a $0 value causes the script to fail, so that's something you'd want to fix. I'm not sure what integration you're actually using, so hopefully that's something you can account for and fix on your end. If it's something in code on our wiki or elsewhere you probably want to let the developer know (or fix it yourself and repost it, if you can and it's on our wiki).

    Let me know.
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