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Gift Certificates

waldus68waldus68 Member
in Help edited October 2007
Are there any gift certificate methods in place? We have a client whose site is currently being run on modx, they would like to have a simple online store to sell merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, and a few other trinkets-- I have no doubts that foxycart is perfect for this.

However, they want to be able to handout certificates at trade shows instead of items which they can take back and redeem on the online store... The number they will hand out is low enough that it could be possible to generate unique codes manually.

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi Dustin.
    A question for clarification: Do you mean "gift certificates" or "coupon codes"? There's actually a big difference in the administration/management of them (and how the accounting works as well, I believe).

    The difference is that gift certificates need to be managed in the admin, and effectively need to be another type of product (like a downloadable) that can be generated, used once, balance maintained, balance _checked_ by the user, etc. It involves a lot more overhead. Coupon codes, on the other hand, are "$5 off", are used once, and that's it. No need to maintain a balance, etc.

    Coupon codes are on our roadmap (along with bulk code generation), but there are some things that are above them on the list. We're also making sure there's not a better way (external system) that'd make more sense. Gift certificates are on the list too, but we're still discussing how it's going to look, and we have reservations about a few things. If you have ideas as to how you'd like to see things function please let us know.

    (As an aside, you could conceivably create single-use links on your promotional materials. Something like, that'd only work once, and would add an item to their cart at a reduced price. Just a thought.)

  • waldus68waldus68 Member
    edited October 2007
    Hi brett, thanks for the quick response,
    As you suspected, I did in fact mean coupon codes– they normally give items out at a trade show, and the client's idea is to give the value of the items out instead and allow them to use the code to purchase an item of their choice, as well as the possibility of purchasing more.

    They are looking for the this to be ready for March 2008- the other aspects of the store are going to be really simple, it was just this one request that I was getting hung up on.
    (As an aside, you could conceivably create single-use links on your promotional materials. Something like, that'd only work once, and would add an item to their cart at a reduced price. Just a thought.)

    This could possibly work if there was a fixed $ amount attached and they could possibly get the item for free- they essentially want to still give their branded items away to people who attend trade shows, but just give the choices (plus drive some traffic to the website)

    I understand there are never definitive dates, but is there any chance of the coupon system to be in place by early next year? It would be great if I could use foxycart- as the guy managing this is likes the modx setup and this would be a small learning curve.
  • Wanted to keep the coupon code dream and this thread alive by adding that coupon codes would be very welcome during my site's launch promotions. I'm a future client in Nashville, my programmer suggested FoxyCart and I'm sold. I plan a lot of street team and simple network marketing and having a coupon code option would help my efforts result in sales conversion and click action during our early traffic building phase. Thanks for listening.

  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    We'll get there, Greg. Glad to hear you like what we've done. Do you have a hardfast deadline for your launch?
  • Nov. 23 the day after Thanksgiving is the goal. It may be that the site goes live the second week of December and then we officially 'launch' the second week of Jan '08. Our market is heavily college age and I want to take advantage of print ads in college newspapers, the two weeks before finals may not be so smart, thus the delay.

    So likely January.

    Thanks Luke.

  • ChuckTrukkChuckTrukk Member
    edited December 2007
    I mentioned something like this in another thread, but it would be great if you could provide a callback for coupons, where the user can input the coupon code and my site returns the updated price.

    -- Example --
      [li]Add to Cart and FC pops up[/li]
      [li]2. Additional field 'Coupon Code' is available[/li]
      [li]3. When update cart or checkout is clicked, FC looks for an additional callback
      a. if callback is found, cart info is sent to my secure script
      b. data is massaged per my script requirements (from quantity to coupons)
      c. foxy is sent updated cart info[/li]
    This would allow multiple addons and configurations for post-add values. I could see it being similar to a js callback or eForm onMailSent, beforeMailSent options.

    PS - Can I already do this with 'fc_PreProcess()' and 'fc_BuildFoxyCart()'
  • Could this be done with MODx? With a snippet to handle as a temporary fix.
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