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  • the url is I added the trailing slash as brett mentioned and now I can get to paypal, but i still can't checkout. My error is: Error: There was an error processing your payment: (10004 Internal Error) Transaction r…
  • I think this was a problem with my account rather than Foxy cart. All appears to be working now in sandbox and live mode. Now i just need to figure out my discounts as per my other post - lol Thanks for the help
  • I need to do soemthing simlar. My store will have a list of suppliers across the top of the screen and a list of catagories down the left hand side. Customers should be ale to click on a catagory and add products from multiple suppliers to the…
  • Thanks - it really needs to be as simple as possible, so long as its scaleable. A simple email with the order and address is fine. So let me get this straight: In the foxy cart admin page I just create a catagory for each different supplier…
  • Hmm I need this to be as simple as possible as non technical people will be adding products. Think of my store as more like a shopping mall, hosting different shops. Anyway for the catagory input would this work? where [*product_supplie…
  • Thanks, that helps with troubleshooting - looks like my issue with my product catagories.
  • Used to as in when I set the site up on Jan 29th. Before the user would view the cart and hit checkout. This would take them to a foxycart checkout page where they enter their name and address details. EDIT - I have to enable purchase order to…