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  • I do not think I am talking about a lot of intelligence here :-D I think it is best demonstrated by examples. A case of wine is 12 bottles. When A user buys a case they get 10%, 2-3 cases gets 15%, and 4 or more gets 20%. Customer A gets a 1…
  • I agree with Sheeley, that a Category Rule would be great. I know you are probably tired of hearing about Magento, but take a look at the flexibility they are trying to accomplish with discounting: It might…
  • Guys,I need this feature by yesterday...Just kidding. Actually I to would like to say that a couple of my clients ship exclusively with UPS. As far as shipments of alcohol go, UPS seems to have a majority of those accounts.
  • Luke, Not that I think you should store the CVV number, but I keep hearing this reference that it is not "legal" to do so. Can you point me to the statute or regulation that prohibits the storage of such information?
  • Luke, I don't think it is necessary either. But the way I read that language would allow for the storage of the CVV/2 number. It is just required that it is not stored after the transaction has been authorized. If people do need it, maybe there i…