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  • What is the status on having UPS as a working shipping method? Thanks!
  • Brett Thanks for the link. I set this up and it works; however, there is no notice upon failed checkout that this box needs to be checked. How can I help the user figure out that they missed the checkbox? Thanks
  • Hey we're also in a situation where we need to charge tax for orders only in MI and VA. Any updates on this?
  • Brett Thanks for the pointers. I would give that a try except that we already have quantity discounts in place for these products. Are we stuck in this case then?
  • FYI - for anyone else who is trying to remove fields from output. I'm not sure if this is in the wiki anywhere but I used the following code to accomplish this. This goes in the head portion of the checkout template: // And thi…
  • Brett, I tested this out and it does seem to work. However using the parameter 'discount_quantity_amount' adds that amount per book and I was hoping to add it for the total order. Thus the scale would be a decreasing amount of shipping per number…
  • Brett, I found out we are having an issue with this. During attempted purchase the following error appears: "Error: Please enter the verification code for your credit card." Is the only possible reason for this that the merchant account is …
  • luke The customer really does want to not include the cvv2 field. maybe I will just go the route you suggested earlier. [ulist] [li]set a default value with js[/li] [li]hide the field with CSS[/li] [/ulist] Do you see any issue with this…
  • Hey Luke, Any update on how far off this feature is? Thanks
    in Free shipping Comment by gl330k May 2008
  • Brett, I like the idea about Datafeed XML. Assuming we were successful in getting all the data from the feed into our own db or whatever... how could we catch someone at the login to checkout process. Because I see that as the point where we comp…
  • Luke, Yes. that would work in our case. Assuming we could have a coupon that worked once and only once per registered account. Thanks
  • Brett, The download category is setup properly. And the download products are associated with this download category on the foxycart add to cart submission link. Other ideas?
  • *sigh* I hang my head in shame. Thanks for spotting my error Luke.
  • Hey Guys, It would be nice to have a way to set a category specific email to be delivered once per order rather than for each category specific product in the order. When buying multiple small products that can mean several duplicate emails which…
  • Brett or Luke, We have a client asking about this as well. Can you ping me via email with any ideas on how to implement and if so how much it might cost? Thanks!
  • Also note: the customer has a flat-rate amount filled in for the handling fee for that product category so we can't use that field without some creative estimating.
  • Thanks guys, The site is already live. Anything we can do until that feature goes live?
  • Hey Luke (all) We have a store version 0.4.0 that has subscribers and uses the MODx subscription snippet/plugin to listen for the datafeed. Starting on Tuesday we had our datafeed fail and it's been failing each day since then. We're using datafe…
  • Also, I use the test script from the wiki and it always comes up "foxy" so it appears that everything is working fine on our end.
  • Do you guys have any ideas on this one? Thanks
  • Hey Brett, It looks the the problem is order# 253535. The customer ordered nothing for an amount of $0.00 and that's causing the datafeed to crash in the processing script. Is there a way to remove that order # from our datafeed? Thanks
  • This is old code that worked for me. You could easily refactor it to work in jQuery ... function setCVV2() { document.forms.fc_form_checkout.cc_cvv2.value = 111; } ...
  • ggeiger, I would not use the jQuery remove code. Use the code above that I sent to set the value for the CVV field and then use CSS to hide the CVV field. #li_cc_cvv2 label, #li_cc_cvv2 input { display: none; } My guess is that the jQuer…
  • btw - transaction id #312124
  • Brett, We have not seen this error before and we haven't made any payment gateway changes. It almost looks to me like the order went through fine. Not sure if that's the case but maybe a false-positive came back from let me know if i…
  • huh, well for now I guess we can wait and see if this becomes a recurring thing for this store. Otherwise, we won't worry about it