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We're no longer responding to questions via our forum, but we will keep it up for historical reasons. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please visit our knowledge base or contact us. If there's enough interest in the future, we may bring the forum back.



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  • Hi Brett and Luke, Thanks for your replies. I am after a simple authentication described by Brett. We do not yet have interest in full fledged SSO. Here is a requirement: - Any user who is currently an active recurring donor should be …
  • Luke, Thanks! Got it. Brett, yes, the idea is to authenticate the users with FoxyCart to give them access to something else (basically, giving some additional downloadable content as gifts to recurring donors). Our need is pretty simple for no…
  • Luke, just wondering, in the "advanced" menu, if we do not need to access the whole data feed, should we just empty out the data feed URL field and simply use the data feed key for the API connection?
  • Thanks for your reply Brett. You've always been very helpful and its much appreciated! The issue is, our account was recently suspended because someone out there is trying to make thousands of donations to our account. Authorize.…
  • Nevermind, got it! Easy enough, for anyone else look, you can just do in your form... Where Referred_By is the field you need to access on your checkout page. Then on your check out page, just access the json object like any other javascri…
  • Hi Brett and Luke, Thanks for your replies. Its hard to specify a number of how many we need to download at a time, but this is clearly a valid use-case that I would love to see implemented. Reporting is critical for us, for example, if we …
  • Yes, were able to upgrade without any major paints. Just updated some CSS classes and we were up and running.
  • Sorry for the private post, that was a mistake on my part. I didn't realize that it would automatically turn my post to private. Yes, that is the correct API, However, the subscription_get api call has a required field sub_token. I do not hav…