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  • Thanks for the reply. One more question -- If we are using "points" and the user goes over their redeemable limit (which we do not want), is it possible to strip any sort of credit card payment info from the checkout so they cannot be charged any…
  • Yes, they could add stuff to their cart and submit their coupon code so we would know the balance. However we would still want them to check-out (with their balance being 0) so we could capture their order, we just want to hide any CC gathering fiel…
  • Hi again, looks like I am almost there, thanks for the help. A few things.. hiding decimal values in the language admin area doesn't seem to do anything. Also, how do you do a coupon code where it is just XX off? I want to coupons to be worth …
  • And... hiding the PO area.. it seems to be a required field?
  • thank again. I got everything working except the decimal issue keeps popping back up. every time I check the box and update it seems to save it. but then after a while I test out the store and the decimals are back there.…
  • Yea I am updating checkout templates.
  • Awesome. You rock.
  • So I guess it is official. FoxyCart can be used as a rewards/points redemption system in an online store. One of the only systems I know that can be modified fairly easily to do it. Well done.
  • Hi, me again! I am still looking into preventing checkout unless cart is at 0. I found this bit of js on the forum but might need it tweaked. Any ideas on what to modify to make it so you cannot checkout unless the cart is at 0? var hasBox =…
  • I emailed support but also found this thread. Was this ever fixed? I thought "combinable" meant you could combine any codes. I now have an issue that people are trying to redeem multiple coupon codes, but it is not allowing them to.
  • Since my store is live and people are trying to use codes -- I figure the only workaround at the moment is to manually add each code back as a separate coupon. Then, delete the code list of auto-generated ones. Sound right?
  • Thank you so much. That works - an error message comes up, but it seems you can still checkout by hitting "confirm your order."
  • Yea I think that would work. The problem in management seems to be that some people would need to generate a lot of codes, under one coupon. Those codes need to work together if needed. As mcgee said: Coupon 1 - $10 off Code #1: ABC1 Code #…
  • Ah ok. I now moved the original snippet to my cart head and that makes more sense than to have it at the checkout page. Thanks.