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  • Okay, I just found a post on this. Something about stripping fcsid with dynamic hrefs? I am just using the code from the template — //Add To Cart Button echo 'Add To Cart'; — so I am not sure what else I can do to fix this. Should this code be alt…
  • I am having this same issue. Is the solution to add a fcsid field to the template? Rather than have it generate dynamically? I am not sure what bistrostudios did to fix the issue.
  • Thanks bistro for the info, but now I am more confused than ever. Am I supposed to add the javascript on that page to my single-product template? I don't understand what it means to "dynamically modify the href". Isn't all of that handled when the f…
  • Okay, so it seems that the issue is actually caused by conflicting references to jQuery in my header from various plugins. When I disable them, it works fine. Now I just have to figure out how to run these plugins without them calling jQuery individ…
  • Thanks spark. After much trial and error, I have succeeded in pinpointing the conflicts. It turns out that the jQuery Colorbox plugin was the offender. I will just find another solution for that plugin. I often use Colorbox on static sites that I ha…
  • I have decided to go with the ShadowBox plugin for my other needs. It appears to be even more flexible than the ColorBox plugin and it's working nicely with everyone else. Thanks again for your help. Hopefully this exchange will help future readers
  • Thanks. I realized that after the fact. I think that the installation instructions are a little confusing in this way.
  • Am I going to lose my products if I do that?
  • That did the trick. We only wanted "Suggested Retail Rates," so silly me, that's what we had selected. Changed it to Daily Pickup and it worked. Thanks