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  • Don't know why this message keeps being posted automatically. Thanks for gateway advice. I'll research with my client to find a long term alternative to our temporary PayPal Express-only gateway.
  • Hi Lance, Thanks for the notice about my multiple jquery loads. I removed all jquery loads from the checkout template and I'm still getting the error. I also tested commenting out all scripts to see which ones were essential. It looks like the te…
  • Hi Lance, Sorry about that. I've been switching things around, testing different checkout options to examine the source code. I've restored the checkout page to the version cached from the URL I sent you. That is indeed a flat file. The source cod…
  • Lance, I deconstructed my source code and managed to get the checkout page to work. I think my template used JS to animate the loading of the main content area. I just went through div-by-div in order to get a slightly stripped down version that ma…