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We're no longer responding to questions via our forum, but we will keep it up for historical reasons. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please visit our knowledge base or contact us. If there's enough interest in the future, we may bring the forum back.



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  • I should also note that I'm using FoxyShop on Wordpress
  • [SOLVED] Having spent (I refrain from using the term "wasted") many hours playing around with what ended up being old code, the link for modifying live shipping rates for those using v2.0+ is:…
  • Looks like I will answer another one of my own questions. Sometimes it takes asking to spur on some other ideas. For some reason during the updating process, the API key in foxyshop changed and my settings in foxyshop and foxycart did not agree. …
  • That makes sense. We might try solving this with Order Desk. Thanks
  • It seems like it shouldn't be too hard, just can't quite wrap my head around it. I'm thinking something like these filters: Filter 1: subscription product Filter 2: subscription already existed/some token or custom field value that indicates it's …
  • Thanks @fc_adam . That's what I figured, but wasn't sure if there was something I was missing. Subscribers will be able to log in, so that will be what we will be looking to implement as our end solution as it would be the most elegant implementat…