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  • I didn't realize until now that Cool Commerce is no longer supported / Cool Climate dropped it. Saw this thread in EE:
  • That's what I thought, too -- but even though the codes and categories in EE and FoxyCart match, we still see this same error message when someone attempts to add a downloadable ebook to their cart. Wondering what to do to get this to work...
  • Thanks, Brett, Luke and Fred, for fixing it -- now it works!! You are whizzes! Much appreciated.
  • One of our customers has reported this problem this morning: He wrote, "The handling charges seemed a bit misleading. On the order screen, it showed as $2.50 for the e-book and $2.50 for handling. On the final checkout/payment screen the handling c…
  • He was only ordering this one item: Presumably, if one were to try this again, no handling charge should occur at all, because ou…
  • Could you give an example for the format of a discount_price_amount coupon, please? (I didn't see one in the Wiki.) I'd like to have a coupon code for giving someone $25 of products in one category. So, I chose the 3rd option ("Discount by an a…
  • Thanks, Brett. Back to my example, would I simply use this code?: -25 (I've applied this to orders in the category named Downloads). Would that give any customer a $25 discount on any size order? i.e., if they spent $5 on their ebooks, their or…
  • Brett, thanks for working today. Hope you don't have to work Every day! Would Jud's problem also explain the difficulties I've been having since Friday? Someone who ordered paid ebooks is not finding them in their list of available downloads. (I…