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  • Thanks Luke PayPal was my 1st choice, but after realizing that my pricing would have to be in $ and the rates fluctuate so regularly, this would scare SA customers away. I have spent time looking up options: - good but li…
  • Hi Luke One last company founded by SA entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth and also founder of Thawte was the first certificate authority to issue SSL certificates to public en…
  • Is their any progress on this one, I want to go live on the shopping cart asap. My site is live and we want to run partner specials. Should you require me to contact any of the gateways and get information to help the process? How long would this …
  • We will continue to integrate today as all our files are now *.php not *.html Technically I know very little about Foxycart, I am unable to use all your advanced API features. I am battling with shipping and cache-ing, which I will try again toda…
  • go to add to cart, then it looks like a porthole?? obviously something not setup right?
  • Hi Luke I have initiated a query with regarding South African Partners, to speed up the process, I will keep you posted...
  • Luke I have had word from that their parent company Cybersource deals with South Africa. I see you also have them as a gateway. Its to soon for a halleluyah but tthings are looking more promissing. I need to forward you emails and scr…
  • Hi Rich Foxycart seems such a great product but because SA has rellatively small numbers its seems this is going to be the make or break of the shopping cart. I have emailed a request to Cybersource, twice, but I have had no confirmation yet. …
  • Thanks for the update Luke Is there anyhing I could do to speed it up from my end, would you like me to call them and request info? Dale
  • Great news! I have emailed PayGate with that question and mentioned to them about the 3D secure. We'll see if that gets any response from their developers.
  • Unbelievable, thank you guys, I will start setting up and testing from tomorrow. I will also push the registration because you were right, I was quoted 15 working days for a merchant account