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  • Thanks for your comments so far. I passed these links onto Barclays but they again asked who provides the security for the payment page. It says on this link that: By fully outsourcing the checkout proce…
  • Ok thankyou for that. Unfortunately Barclays doesn't deal with Foxycart as a secure provider therefore they have to supply/secure the checkout page for me to use them as a payment processor. To avoid paying barclays for secure checkout and proces…
  • Hi, Thanks for the prompt replies guys. @sparkweb thanks a bunch that worked! I'll have a good read through the docs. Im sure i'll be back with more questions. This forum is excellent I must add!
  • Hi @fc_adam is where I'm trying to log in My email is [snipped] Thanks
  • Thanks Adam for replying @fc_adam I would like to download for example: - Product price - Product description - Product name I do not have SKUs attached to products and only need the above. Thanks Jack
  • Hi @fc_adam Thanks for replying again. I would like to for example download the information from this product - These are products listed on my website that I have added using th…
  • Hi @sparkweb, Thanks for this. I understand how to create the file and add it to my theme folder and also how to create the page. Before going ahead with this i'd like to understand how to information is going to be displayed to me? I was hopi…