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  • Thanks guys! I hadn't realized you'd responded so quickly - thanks! The 2nd screencast still wouldn't work for me in FF, but it did in Safari. Your plugin looked so easy to use I was just jumping the gun. Followed your 'casts and it went well.…
  • Wow, you guys are awesome. Sorry I couldn't find that earlier when looking around for required field info. Its just what I needed.
  • Hi Guys, Thanks for your awesome response times. In finally working with the client I found out they were using seriously old browsers, like, IE 5. Glad I could work with you on a small bug, but the problem definitely seems to be coming from …
  • I can't find anywhere on the FoxyCart site mentioning the minimum browser requirements though?
  • Hi, I'm starting up this cart after almost a year of it being turned off. Things are working out well except for this validation. The code is not stopping someone who has not made a selection in each field. I followed the link to the "Basic …
  • That worked like a charm. Thank you Luke!
  • Thanks Luke! I added another line in the CSS for step 2a and it works. (Its been awhile since I used FC so I forget how I set everything up before...)
  • Hi again, Back for my yearly updates to my FoxyCart and required fields are not working again. Didn't change anything in the validation code that worked last year and can't find any new updates for required fields in v.0.7.0 Here's what I'm u…
  • Aha. Thanks for pointing that out Luke. I did have those fields last year, but we upgraded this year to Joomla 1.5 and the WYSIWYG editor was stripping out value="" when I was pasting the code from Coda. That's the fix! Thank you sir!