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  • I'd also like to see USAePay as a payment gateway. My client is very happy with it and doesn't want to change. For now we'll do offline transactions, which could work out fine in the long run. I did run across this link in the USAePay developer d…
  • OK, thanks for the quick response. I wanted to be sure I could tell my client they can keep their current merchant account and still use FoxyCart. (Hopefully they will transition to a supported one in the future) Any tips on PCI compliance?
  • Yeah, the PCI compliance looks intimidating at first... but I did find a nice summary from your link. Maybe not the easiest for a little old lady to implement, but it is more understandable than some of the PCI stuff I've been looking at. https:…
  • Had this same issue with a skincare products store. (small but pricey bottles!) To convert I used Excel (adjust the formula based on your chart) =CONVERT(B2,"ozm","lbm") Google also converts. In your search type: 2.5 ounces in pounds
  • Thanks. I was pulling my hair out on that one. Just using DW templates keeping it simple!