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  • Cool! this is very helpful. however im having an issue with implementing the twig templates. i began with the "FoxyCart Standard with Twig" page structure, and replaced: {% use '' %} {{ block('cart') }} with the contents of "cart.…
  • oops, ment to direct that thanks, and question to @fc_adam
  • i also wanted to mention the issue happens when using the "remove item" links in the cart and it happens with the other pages. checkout, receipt etc.. thanks m
  • @fc_adam thanks, but that did not fix it. the only thing that seems to fix it (temporarily) is to go to then go back to my store.
  • thanks @fc_adam can you give me any more advice on how to append "fcc.session_get()" to the url. im assuming you mean i should append it to the url on the iframe (not the main windows url). right now the iframe is hardcoded in the page which is…
  • thanks a lot @fc_adam that seems to have fixed it! with one edit, the forum seems to have put in an extra semicolon afters the "https://" the the javascript! i tried to post the updated code here, but the semicolon is getting added i…
  • the language settings will definitly work for now. thanks fo the fast answer @fc_adam !
  • Thanks Adam! I was using v1.0 but didn't notice any other issues when upgrading.
  • Thats exactly what I was looking for Thanks @fc_adam !