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  • Before the SSO I had hacked together a solution with curl and cookie jars the user API and the unified order entry password and I was able to make a purchase without going to the checkout or confirmation page, and without requiring a CSC. I did s…
  • What does that mean the subs only one run once a day? I would simply like to test my script which receives the feed, with a real feed, based off of the actual (read:test) information which I have in there now. I should also mention, now that I'm he…
  • I guess what I'm looking for, at least, would be a way to simulate the different "states" that the subscription feed sends back so that I can successfully test my end of the equation. As it is now, I would have to take the example subscription feed,…
  • The XSD I think would help. Speaking purely in unit-testing terms, I would need a fixture for every state possible, so that I can unit test my code properly. Of course, this doesn't have anything to do with foxycart at this point. Just that at the p…
  • Am I missing something here?
  • I was able to hack this by checking for the presence of the "You are about to set this subscription to end" warning and "clicking" the checkout button. Is there a more "official" way to handle something like this?
  • Definitely interested in the API for that... The workflow to me does seem rather awkward. I know I can customize just about anything using jQuery and css, but its still a little awkward. An API would for sure help out, though.
  • The caching system is actually the #1 problem...I can't have dynamic content anymore, because its all been cached. Aside from that, what I'm trying to do is a whitelabel solution for what we offer. In essence, we are selling a solution for hosting …
  • I think what I need foxycart for is for PCI compliance really. As you guys know, it is way too expensive to become PCI compliant for a small company, and we would like to store CC information for return customers or for subscriptions. Integrating wi…
  • Is this gonna happen?
    in paymentech Comment by blocka March 2010