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We're no longer responding to questions via our forum, but we will keep it up for historical reasons. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please visit our knowledge base or contact us. If there's enough interest in the future, we may bring the forum back.



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  • Hi, I'd just like to ask if this sort of functionality is now available? I'm using version 0.5.1. Thanks Andrew
  • Great, then I'll use the API and get an XML file if that's a better way to do things. What was going to happen was that the company that handles the shipping would log in once a week and download a CSV of the last weeks purchases, but with the AP…
  • Hi dave, Not sure if this'll help much, but what I did was use this: To replace their shipping function with my own, and then create a custom field select box with all the options in it. So I …
  • hahaha, I fixed it. to anyone having this error, it's if the cart you're pointing to is in the wrong place. the javascript was still pointing to the old cart location because I didn't update foxee in expressionengine. EDIT because that's a ba…
  • Hi there, not sure how I got linked to this forum again, but I got an email about a comment and here I am. As for snackbar's request, i've recently done something similar so here's some random javascript just to add to the general hackity knowledge…
  • Is there any chance that the "_maybe_ one other gateway" could be PayPal Payments Pro? That would help us out immensely!
  • The 3D Secure issue is becoming quite a problem for one of our clients so I think they'd be prepared to move from PayPal Pro to either PayPoint or Realex but your website says you only support Realex in Ireland. Will you offer Realex UK with 3D Secu…