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  • I added the space as bjbk suggested. I'll find out if this works.
  • The space seems to have stopped the category error, but I'm still getting the No Transaction ID found error. Check out my error logs for today
  • Hi Brett, Thanks, I'll keep an eye on it and see if there is a pattern. I could put a footer on the cart and checkout that promotes "contact us if your having problems" and a link. What do you think?
  • I can replace the %20 and %26 after receiving the feed, if that is how it arrives. The question remains, will there be an "&" in the xml feed, and will it cause errors? It caused errors in the test feed.
  • I did a little checking and the "&" in xml is a problem. One can escape the & but the problem is once I send the escaped ampersand to foxycart, it reverts back. So, I'm reluctantly removing the &'s in my product names. However the pr…
  • I'm using 5.1 I've tried using quotes and it didn't help I've tested the $email before its sent to foxycart, and it is there. I can view it in the source code in the cart and at checkout. When I first was testing custom fields, the foreach loo…
  • We I've tried your last suggestion, and it doesn't work. I think the problem occurs with the foreach loop. I only want to capture the login value (which now has been changed to email). Is there a way to write one line of code without using the fo…
  • Yeah!!! That worked! Thank you!!!
  • New question, Do you need to upgrade to v6.0 to benefit from the [CDATA} in the XML datafeed? I wouldn't have thought so, but I tried my old ampersand issue and now the "?" does show up but everything past it disappears. Should I upgrade?
  • Thanks! and my host thanks you.
  • I've tried twice again and receive the error only one of the two times. I haven't a clue.
  • I did a little research on xml/php response. I noticed in the tutorial code the following: echo"response"; exit(); I tried adding the exit(); line after echo "foxy"; and tried a test transaction and this time it worked. But then again it has be…
  • Update: My first invoice's datafeed failed and the posting my database failed. The next invoice's datafeed failed but the posting to my database went through. Does this help solve the problem?
  • Hi Luke, There doesn't seem to be any pattern. I had a transaction go through fine this morning - no datafeed error. I tested my xml feed numerous times in "test mode" and no problem using test_xml_datafeed.0.7.php. I've had large orders, smal…
  • That's my best guess too. I hate to change servers only to find out that that wasn't the problem. Oh well, I'm going to stall for a while and see what happens.
  • I haven't had a problem for a while. I think it might have to do with my hosting server. The last time I had an XML problem was when I had a huge spike in traffic and I don't think my server could handle it. I ran a promotion and my traffic went …
  • Your question leads me to believe I need to change the link code - which currently is straight forward. Anyway... use the coupon code TipSquirrel I've …
    in BOGO Comment by RickW March 2010
  • Look's like it should work. I noticed "shipping_service_34" as an example for USPS Express Int'l package. Where do I find the codes for priority mail small flat-rate box? and other domestic boxes?
  • I just had a customer try twice to order 6 items and enter a coupon code. As you can guess, each time he ordered, he pressed the continue shopping button, thinking he could put the coupon code somewhere in the final checkout page. He actually subm…
  • After line by line review, I figured it out. I omitted:"> in my shopping cart template. It now works fine.
  • I tried your new code and it still didn't work.
  • Hi fc_adam That didn't help either. What I did was to strip out all code unrelated to my issue, made adjustments as suggested, and uploaded it to There must be some small syntax or typo that…
  • Hi FC_Adam It doesn't matter where the code snippet goes that Brett provided. It just doesn't work. I've eliminated more coding in an effort to isolate the problem. It is now just bare bones. check out the following... http://www.wetzelandcompa…
  • That worked! Thank you!!!
  • Just when I thought everything was working fine, it's not. The script for the terms box is still not right. If you check off the terms box the alert still comes up! Can you help? I had to disable the script on the actual registration form, but y…
  • Thanks you!!! Works like a charm.
  • As it turns out, the xml feed did not go through. Please help! What's strange is the XML feed worked several days ago.
  • I've solved the problem, I hope. I had installed some "security code" in my .htaccess file that apparently prevented the xml from going through.
  • I thought it should be easier than Sparkweb's solution. Which address will be used as the "from" address? The first position?
  • eliminate-my-allergies Store.html is the shopping cart we are replacing with FC. For some reason, I couldn't whisper. Go figure.