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  • If you click the "?" next to "receipt email subject" you see This will be the subject of your receipt email. Note: To turn off receipt emails, leave this field blank and receipt emails will not be sent. You can also use the following place holder…
  • You just need to set the parameter, max_quantity=1
  • That is a paypal error code. What Paypal gateway are you using? Does this happen only on a single or couple transactions, or every transa…
  • In the meantime, maybe you can hide the tax line and display another with your own calculation? I can foresee rounding being an issue through.
  • With Elavon as a processor, it is possible to use Payflow Pro as a gateway.
  • That seems like it has to do with your product pages, and really has nothing to do with store settings within FoxyCart.
  • It sounds like you have one tax set up to charge GST + PST, and another set up to charge just GST. Why don't you just set them up as completely different taxes, and apply both taxes to all but that one category. That way they will appear on two sep…
  • Subscriptions are not really designed for guest checkout, since it should be possible to go back and update customer information at a later time, and store cc info. You especially can't use the same email address for all the different customers, …
  • No, this is not possible. Not only technically not possible, it isn't even legal/safe. Typing a credit card number into a address bar is like handing out customer credit cards to strangers.
  • It's the manner of getting it from one to the other. Typing in a url let's a lot of people know where you're going. If there's a credit card number in there, they get that too.
  • I think your more asking how to cap the total number of orders per any delivery day? I've seen a store setup for selling tickets to a show with limited seating (but I don't remember any particulars). I guess maybe that could be adapted?
  • There is no way to issue a credit through FoxyCart. You would have to go log into your merchant account gateway to do that.
  • No, I am not a programmer, sorry. I think that the site I was talking about was used as a demo in one of the webcasts. So whoever did the webcast was the one who created that ticket site.
  • Check out this thread about the problem. I believe there is no easy fix for this, other than splitting the form into multiple pages.
  • There could be one or two issues going on here. One could be handled by bypassing thickbox and viewing the cart as a webpage. If that doesn't work, then the issue is a browser limit in the URL length, and there is no workaround for that.
  • This seems like it is somewhat related to the request for the incremental transaction numbers per store, rather than foxycart system wide. You can vote for it here:…
  • This is like something I have done before, not quite for the same reasons. Display the range of transactions in the admin, and expand all, and copy all. Paste it all into word (maybe first paste it into notepad, and from there copy/paste into w…
  • It was credit card data, so it still won't be there. The only other thing that was missing for me were coupon codes (we worked around this by copying that into the product code), and it looks like you already took care of this.
  • Another idea is to automatically add a coupon to every order, and have the coupon have an expiration date, and maybe hide any errors that would result from the coupon not working due to the expiration.
  • If you log into PayPal Manager and go to change your password, you should see the option for having a separate password for transactions. Account Administration -> Manage Security -> Change Password Here is what mine looks like: You hav…
  • On the home page for the Manager, there should be a box on the right that says "Service Summary" Can you please tell me what is listed in that box? thanks
  • Then I have no idea what's going on on the Payflow side.
  • If they do not use the entire amount in their first purchase, is it expected that they will have a balance left over that they can use later? Or can they just use the code that one time, and whatever they don't use is gone? If they should have a…
  • Once you get it figured out, you might want to change "qty < qtyTest" to "qty
  • On category 1, set your shipping on the category itself to £2, and on each item to £1
  • Sorry, I guess I didn't remember the layout right. It is probably better to hack the shipping. I can think of a solution that doesn't hack the shipping, but instead involves adding $0 items to the cart during checkout and hiding them. It is pr…
  • I've played around a bit with negative priced products. You would have to test with the gateway, but on the foxycart side it isn't even possible to have a negative priced product. What IS possible, is to have a $0 product, and a discount, so the e…
  • It seems like what you would want to do is just use guest checkout, which you can set up from your checkout template.
  • Just so you know, charging a different amount for different payment types is against some credit card's rules. I know VISA for certain.
  • this lays out some rules: I have also seen those gas stations (in Connecticut), and figured they were breaking the rules - how was the credit card company going to tell? I …