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  • Any idea when this might be available? I would like to have a link in the email to get the status of the customers order.
  • So I would send a second email with a link to the database query that would display their order? Also it is a little misleading for the templates to have a receipt template and a ^^receipt^^ placeholder. I thought maybe I could add the order id t…
  • The order_id placeholder is something I need to do the ticket printing and my buddy wants to start selling now. I might do it manually for now. What I thought was misleading was using the same names. It sounded like I could template the placehold…
  • How do I prevent the foxycart receipt from being sent? I do not want to confuse the customer, I want to have just my custom email sent.
  • Cool, thanks Luke. I am going to try to launch the site this weekend.
  • Thank you, Luke! Worked like a charm! The only thing I noticed was a delay and between getting the email notification and the xml being sent. So when I clicked the link nothing happened, after a few minutes it showed up and it worked.
  • Could this be done with MODx? With a snippet to handle as a temporary fix.
  • For the continue button on the thank you page, by default goes to the referrer. If you want it to go someplace specific just hide that button with CSS and make your own link.
  • Would there be any safeguards to prevent a person from saving the form locally, changing the values then submitting it with a greater discount?
  • Thanks Luke. After some sleep and you pointer I got it fixed. function compare(form) { formCode =; myCode = "TEST"; if (formCode == myCode) { form.price.value = "2.00"; return false; } form.price.value = …
  • steeeeephen are you using MODx? I did something the other day that might gt you by until then. I suppose it could be adapted to any scripting language. Still need away to make sure nobody can spoof the pricing. function compare(form) { formCod…
  • Paypal -- from their documentation CVV response code for U.S. Credit Cards M CVV code match N no match U unavailable S service not supported P not processed X no response
  • The snippet for inventory is well done. I can poke at it and get it to do what I want. I was just making sure someone hadn't already done it for MODx. As always I am under a time restraint.
  • yes it was sandbox. the client also got an error this morning 10001 internal error hopefully it just the sandbox, it started last night when I setup the subscription to start using the cart, but I am still using the foxycart sandbox account…
  • I agree with you too Luke. It was more of a FYI type of thing. Like I said, I was lucky the receipt bounced back to the admin. We were able to resolve it before the customer knew there was a problem.
  • I have made simple ticket system using flash. It's only secure through obscurity (if you know the order id then you can view the ticket). At our event everyone with a ticket will be double checked against the transaction list from foxycart. It is mo…