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  • I'm having the same problem, caching is working only occasionally. Do you need me to provide store details?
  • I am having some trouble with this. I have added the required fields as outlined in the wiki, and the error message appears as it should, however it wont hide again when the user fills in the required field. It works fine in all of the standard fie…
  • Thanks guys, appreciate the quick response.
  • Thanks for the quick response Brett. There's a possibility that we will be upgrading to ga.js in the near future, so I might leave the domain setup as is for now (our business is finished for the next few months anyway). Does the ga.js code eliminat…
  • Thanks for the quick feedback Brett, much appreciated. We will continue to look into payment gateways.
  • This page is currently active for shopping:
  • Hi Brett I am looking to set up Moneris with our Foxycart setup as well, is there any information that is not in the wiki that I might need? I had a quick go at setting it up with our Moneris account, no luck. Error: Error: There was an error p…
    in Moneris Comment by ski July 2011
  • Hi Brett I have spoken to Moneris and it looks like they need to activate AVS at their end. I am expecting to hear from them later this week, so hopefully all will be resolved. Thanks for looking into this, and for anyone else experiencing simila…
    in Moneris Comment by ski July 2011
  • Hello I was just wondering if there has been any update on this; I am trying to do the exact same thing with Moneris. I am trying to use the "Customer ID" field in the Moneris transaction reports so that I can differentiate products within Moneri…
  • Hello Going back to the first question, is the following field supposed to display by default as part of ^^receipt^^ / ^^checkout^^ on the receipt email?: * Card Number: xxxxxxxxxxxx1111 (Visa) I would like to have this display on my email …
  • That could be it, I am still running 0.7.1. Will this feature switch on by default once I upgrade?
  • I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for FoxyCart to offer a responsive template. As to which one, it's a tough call and I think you should chose for yourself as developers and not for users that don't know heads from tails. Bootstrap is great and has a large co…